Dental Medicine

They say eyes are the window to the soul, but what about the mouth? Worldwide, doctors of dental medicine, like Dr. Gabriel Roybal, DDS, are trying to send a message to the world: that a healthy mouth is essential to overall well-being. Oral health care is just as important as caring for the rest of your body, and doctors of dental medicine are making advances for efficient diagnosis not only of gum disease, but diseases that affect your entire body.Gabriel Roybal

Doctors say 90% of systemic diseases show up as oral symptoms in the mouth. That includes diabetes, chronic liver disease and cardiovascular disease. Incredibly, advances oral health care assist in the prevention and early diagnosis of serious, life-threatening diseases.

Dental Medicine and DNA Testing

There are two periodontal tests at Dr. Roybal’s Santa Fe dental office:  My PerioPath, a bacterial test, and MyPerioID PST, a genetic test.

MyPerioID PST genetic testing allows doctors of dental medicine to tell if you are at risk for developing gum disease. This is invaluable to your oral health care as it helps prevent gum disease, allowing you to keep a healthy mouth and a healthy body.

With MyPerioPath bacterial testing, doctors of dental medicine can detect pathogens related to gum disease, categorizing them as low, medium or high risk. It identifies what pathogens are responsible for the disease, and can indicate if a patient is vulnerable to periodontal disease and other life-threatening illnesses.

How DNA Testing Works

These tests are painless, simple and accurate. They are also fast. You will receive the results of your Oral DNA test within 7 to 10 days. Who makes a good candidate? Anyone concerned about their oral health care, but especially patients who:

  • Have signs and symptoms of a periodontal disease
  • Have been diagnosed chronic periodontal disease but are not responding positively to current treatment
  • Have Type I or Type II diabetes
  • Have a history of Cardiovascular disease
  • Use tobacco products
  • Will undergo surgery or radiation treatment and need clearance proving that infection is present

Currently, only four dental offices in New Mexico offer genetic oral DNA testing, including Dr. Roybal’s office in Santa Fe, NM. Contact us to set up an appointment.

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